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Universitat Internacional de Cataluña de Barcelona

The nature is a non-human principle that defines universe at every scale and, as a consequence, has its own reason of being.
The foundations to approach the architectural project are settled under the basis of this reminiscent principle throughout time.

Mountainous land in big and small scale. The forest is a concatenation of elements apparently randomly placed on a topography that draws an harmonically matched tapestry which generates a skin that covers the necessities of the territory itself.

Water, the fluid as the backbone of the territory.
The marks generated from this primary phenomenon of life are the guide to understand any natural environment, likewise, they are an essential asset to preserve.
Fluidity and sinuosity are natural values of territorial planning.

However, all of the other elements are participants of our environment: the materiality of the land itself, its
rocks, its morphology, its species... They form a mesh that gives an unrepeatable and unique identity to every place in our world. In this case, bearing in mind the human intervention on the territory and its effect and consequences, the observation and understanding of nature has been considered as the reason of being of the architectural project, making a special remark on its natural reminiscent elements.

Therefore, the project looks for a total integration as a continuity formed by the buildings and the natural
Elements between the mountain and the river.